US Intervention Leads to More Blowback!

The obscure, landlocked West-African nation of Mali has poked its’ head into the news lately. First step before reading this article – find Mali on a map.

Just this week France began an intervention campaign in Mali. This intervention comes as a direct result of the blowback created by the US intervention in Libya and the overthrow of the Gaddafi regime. How so?

A portion of Gadaffi’s army was made up of Tuareg’s, an indigenous nomadic group in the central Sahara/Sahel region of Africa with the largest portion of its’ population located in their homeland of “Azawad” in northern Mali. With Gadaffi’s regime overthrown, his Tuareg mercenaries, heavily armed with military equipment and arms,  returned to Mali with the goal of using their new arms to establish their own independent state of Azawad. These fierce Tuareg warriors successfully overthrew the Mali government in March of 2012 after a coup by US-trained junior officers in the Malian army created a power vacuum.

Then enters the crazy jihadists, fresh with their own arms courtesy of the US-led NATO intervention to overthrow one of their biggest enemies in the Islamic Maghreb – Gadaffi.

These jihadists successfully co-opted the Tuareg rebellion, led by the Salafist jihadist groups of Ansar al-Dine, MUJAO, and the big boogeyman – Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM).

But where did these groups come from?

In his article “How Washington Helped Foster the Islamic Uprising in Mali”, Jeremy Keenan examines and exposes the roots of the “jihadist threat’ in north Africa, documenting how Algeria, with US backing, created and fostered these groups. He explains how the Algerian government has fabricated and orchestrated terrorist activities, with plenty of US assistance, over the past two decades. These false-flag operations have now spun out of control and created what we are seeing today.

Go check it out for yourself! You can listen to an interview of Jeremy Keenan here

The lesson to be learned, as Glenn Greenwald rightly points out, is how this entire narrative perfectly exemplifies how US/Western intervention sows the seeds for the next intervention.

Here we go again!


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