Domino Theory on Display in Mali

Daniel Larison over at the American Conservative wrote an article about the intervention in Mali which I wrote about a few days ago. In the article he shows how the newest intervention in Mali is an example of how Western intervention leads to the destabilization of entire regions – in this case Libya/Mali. I shouldn’t have to point out how this point has been proven over and over again in the last 10 years of the ‘War on Terror’ – Iraq, Af/Pak, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, and on and on and on….

Had Western governments foreseen the possible consequences of toppling one government two years ago, there might be no need to rescue another one from disaster now.

Definitely the most telling quote of the article, but he brings up an even more important question:

What other countries in the region would suffer serious unintended consequences from doing the same thing in Mali? How many other countries have to be wrecked before American leaders acknowledge that their interventionist remedies often do more harm than good?

I hope we learn this lesson before we decide whether or not to intervene in Syria on behalf of the jihadist rebels. Of course we have Republican hawks coming out and declaring that this is all the result of “American passivity”. These interventionist hawks are professionals when it comes to concocting fantasy stories – take Iraq as a great example. It’s funny to me how often they call for more and more intervention without learning any lessons from the massive destabilization that results from all of their policy prescriptions – the flood of jihadists into Iraq, removing the one balancing power against Iranian dominance in the region, installing a Shi’ite backed regime in Iraq that is now aligned with Iran, ten years of training for jihadists to become battle-hardened warriors many of whom are now fighting in Syria, the creation of massive blowback that provides endless recruits for al Qaeda-type organizations, etc.

Republican hawks will keep attacking the administration for “inaction” when they could instead be trying to hold it accountable for its past recklessness in using force.

Once again reality crushes a giant hole in the world-view of neoconservative Republican war hawks. We should’ve stopped listening to them after they lied us into a war that has proven to be disastrous!


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